Affiche Promo BURST trio DEMO SD
(Limited edition concept art posters « Gold/Silver/Bronze » series, 3 colors silkscreen with metal ink, and BNGteam series, each one introducing a ship in a unique set of colors and background artwork. More details coming…)

Art Direction, graphic design, UI and visual propaganda for the futuristic racer game BallisticNG, from indie developper Neognosis. The game is a tribute to the iconic WipEout series from the Playstation 1 era, and is due for release by the end of 2018.

BallisticNG and original team names / ship designs © Neognosis
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Poster Burst Wyvern Cuivre SD


Poster Time Extended SD

Team branding:

Scorpio Research Inc. (Italy)

Scorpio SELECTION DEF SDScorpio wallpaper01-1920Scorpio wallpaper02-1920Poster Scorpio venom MockUp SD


Diavolt Engineering (Russia)

Diavolt Selection DEF SDDiavolt BRANDING selection
BNG Reckless Billboard



BallisticNG affiche NUKE


UI Elements:

BallisticNG test UI


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