Art Direction, graphic design, UI and visual propaganda for the futuristic racer game BallisticNG, from indie developper Neognosis. The game is a tribute to the iconic WipEout series from the Playstation 1 era.

BallisticNG and original team names / ship designs © Neognosis

Affiche Promo BURST trio DEMO SD
(Limited edition concept art posters « Gold/Silver/Bronze » series, 3 colors silkscreen with metal ink, and BNGteam series,
each one introducing a ship in a unique set of colors and background artwork. More details coming…)
BallisticNG Wyvern poster
BNG teaser posters : « Augmented Minimalism » / « Time Extended »
BNG teaser poster : « SineWaving »

Team branding

Hyperion automotive (Finland) – preview

Hyperion « ionize » gear prototype

Scorpio Research Inc. (Italy)

Omnicom (United States of A.) / beta

Tenrai (Japan) / beta

Diavolt Engineering (Russia) / beta

Diavolt Selection DEF SD
Diavolt BRANDING selection
BNG Reckless Billboard

Upcoming teams : G-Tek (Japan), Wyvern (UK), Nexus (Austria)


UI Elements (beta):